IMDG-Code 2022

No ship-owner will allow dangerous goods on a ship without the appropriate dangerous goods declaration (IMO Declaration). You can copy the specifications for the transport documents laboriously from the IMDG code or take them over from the eska dangerous goods data in an instant. All details concerning the dangerous goods are in the IMDG code in chapter 3.2 of the dangerous goods list. We have processed the details in a database so that you can immediately work with them. Your shipment will never miss a ship, as the information in your IMO declaration is always up-to-date and accurate. We have recorded information like traffic stowage category, characteristics and notes from the dangerous goods list in the eska dangerous goods data. Thus you have all the information needed for a pre-shipment check immediately available on the screen.


The records have the same structure as with the other modes of transport. You can easily use your data for intermodal transport, too.