Do you ship dangerous goods by road, rail, sea or air? Then you need up-to-date and accurate dangerous goods data for the transport documents.

Here's the place to find them!


No matter whether you compile the transport documents using an ERP system (such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Baan), in-house developed software or office software: You need accurate information for your dangerous goods. Preferably straight from the regulation.


The data: Now, that's reliable!

With the eska dangerous goods data you are direct at the source. For years, legislators have relied on the eska quality. The regulators process the dangerous goods data for the German version of the ADR, RID, ADR and IMDG code using a system developed by eska GmbH. We receive the databases directly from the creator of the regulation. But only in the area of air traffic, we are not able at this time to access the databases directly. Here, three ICAO DGR experts enter and check the data and assure its quality.


Ready Prepared: Now, that's convenient!

Our IT and dangerous goods experts prepare the data records for each individual dangerous good so that you can integrate the data into your system in a simple and structured way. Where appropriate, we provide the data in a relational structure. Each data record is provided with a unique numerical key to simplify integrating the data in your system and installing updates in no time at all.


Up-to-Date: Now, that's fast!

Due to our rapid procurement channels, we can provide you with the updated data often even before the new regulation is printed. You will receive a detailed report on individual changes enabling you to react in advance. We also maintain subsequent amendments, changes and corrections at short notice.


Delivery: Now, that's flexible!

We can provide the dangerous material data in a variety of formats such as CVS, XLS, and MDB. Thus you can simply import the data into your system. Take advantage of this opportunity to access up-to-date, correct and complete dangerous goods data at any time. Automatically and reliably.


So what are you waiting for?

Lower the costs for the monitoring of regulations and maintaining data, avoid transmission errors and have immediate access to modified data with eska dangerous goods data. On the following pages we show you the offers for the different modes of transport. Please contact us. We provide you with up-to-date eska dangerous goods data for your system at a fair price.